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December 15, 2018
The Pfeiffer's Bermuda Diary

shown: The Princess Hotel, Bermuda

Dear Peter
Thank you for all your work for the Princess Family.
Good to see my old Tennis Friend Manfred Goger in the
Princess Family Newsletter.
All the Best from sunny Australia

Ernst+ Sue Pfister


'The Princess Family'
Thanks for keeping the family alive. May you keep it going happily for years to come.
Philip Weiser, Cannes, France

22-29 September 2014 The Princess Family met in Bermuda
for their 50. anniversary reunion in Bermuda. Some 180 members participated, 120 from overseas like New Zealand, Australia, Europe and North America.
There was a Nostalgic Tour of The Princess Hotel, Welcome Party at The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, Cocktail and Dinner at Tom Moore's, House Party at Nicky & Tyrone
Chin and lots of luncheon meetings all over the Island.


HI Peter,

Thank you very much for a fun filled reunion. A very well organized event thanks to you and your organizing committee. This is Arohanui from NZ until we meet again.

Eunice & Hans Persterer (NZ)


Hi Dianne Carlson

Just to thank you for your great efforts to keep the Princess Family alive on radio in Bermuda.

Lots of people greet me and talk about the good old times...

I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did and I am looking forward to see you again next year on my holiday in Bermuda.l".

Love Peter

comments published in The Royal Gazette Bermuda..

Big Byrd Too • 25 days ago
clearly 50 years ago the work environment was very different from today's. Sad that we move on and loose the good qualities.

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Kathy • 25 days ago
So proud that this group has "stuck" together over the years!!! These are the workers who "made" Bermuda the tourist destination it was many years ago! Peter, thanks for keeping the group together and I am certain you all will be celebrating your 60th, 70th and 80th reunions to come!!!


for more info please contact


Hi Peter,
Thanks for your latest newsletter and above all your continued dedication to keeping us all connected. You have a rare quality and gentle understanding of human nature. For all the mostly silent members of your Princess Family who receive your words..... Many thanks.

Philip Weiser

Dear Peter , have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year, and keep up with your excellent initiative that allows all of us former Princess people to be in touch and updated, a big , huge THANK YOU SIR, Luis

Luis Marcó, Spain

Hi Peter

Your 'Bermuda family' seems to be growing in leaps & bounds! And you
thought you were retiring!!

I think you read the Royal Gazette before we do -- and definitely more

I also get the impression that all participants truly appreciate your
efforts --

All the best,
Pat Heinicke, Bermuda

Your keeping the Princess Family together is invaluable.You keep a lot of people happy!

John Solly, Gibraltar.


Dear friend,

Over the next TEN pages...

This Web site is dedicated to all my friends and
colleagues whom I met during my 11 years in Bermuda.(1969-1980)

With some of those friends and colleagues I still
have e-mail contact and some others I see in person from time to time,and there are others where I have periodical telephone contact.I list below those I am in contact with:

Nicky (Gurret) & Tyrone Chin, Elide von Alvensleben, Bill Mulder, Sandy Spurling, Doreen Pettingill,Shirley Brown(nee Taylor),Peggy Montarsolo,Stan Young,Margaret Young, Marc Morabito, Paul Horst, Bruno Fiocca,, Joe Tee, Carole Holding, Margaret De Silva, ,Eddie Simpson,Sam Nusum,Francois and Christiane Bosson, Axel and Pat Heinicke,Joe Wylie, Alan Hughes, Sheridan Cann, Colin Simmons,Brian Jones, Carol and Bruce Sims,Wendy Salvia(Marshall),Chris Williams,Peter Riederer, Roz Rawlins,
Clement Talbot, Steve and Nea Barker ,Stanley Ray, Veronique and Jean-Claude Garzia, Serge &d Pam
Leibowitch, Valerie Leader-Furbert,Peter Frith, Sandra Rouja, Manfred & Olive Focke, Sue (Measures) LeStrange,Paul Hiles,Gisela Besenbruch, Sharon & Fosco Nannini, Manuel Pimentel, Vanessa Shorto, Mike Winfield , Giuseppe Sorrento, Sue (Smith) Tucker, Belita Smith, Carlton Wilkinson, Monica (Massey) Hopkins, Giordano & Merle Lupi, Lew Hollis, Victor & Paulette Lim, Ronnie Lau, Suzanne (Pedro) Carvalho, Gail (Kredel) Clay, DiannCarlson, Sara (Keane) Kerr, Egbert Simons, Vernette (Stovell)
Ferguson, Ulanda Thompson, Althea Simmons, Vaughan (Baptiste) Sullivan, Yvonne Harrell, Sarah Thompson, Richard Farge, Edward Harvey, Roz Roslyn Zuill, Mike Barany, June Durham, Annie Young, Alan & Gil Bergl, Tony Gombos,

Duart MacNab, Julie Chatfield (Chivers), George Mathoi,Graham Harris,Ernst Pfister and Bruce and Frances Copland,
Liana Birk, Peter Noll

Manfred Goger, Walter Kieser,
Anna Halmer, Adi Werner, Peter Komposch,

Augusto DeSilva,

Bahamas: Peter Landwehr

Barbados: Muriel Griffith

Thelma Scheunhage, Derick MacDonald, Maureen Milo, Marian Inkpen "Inky", Barbara Blake-Auer, Darlene Galer, Joyce Sankowski, David Oliver,Anton Gotsche, Marianne Murphy(Maurer),Hans-U.Maurer, Charles Suddaby,Gerd & Lorraine Steinmeyer,Hans R. Maurer, Barry Steele,Mary-Anne Wayland-Brabander, Mario Foladore, Heather (Robinson-
Lecomte) Gagnier, Gill (Humberstone) & David Nielsen, Margaret (Price) Marsden, Frank Cutajar, Deirdre Gray,
David Martin, Rosemary Cook.

Cayman: Giuseppe & Susanna Gatta

Costa Rica:
Brian Flanagan

Ruprecht Queitsch,

Peter Heinen

Jose Losereit, Philip Weiser, Alain Delabarre

Werner Auer,Hans Mueller,
Wolfgang Wagner, Marcus Stadler,Manfred Luedecke, Lutz Seidel, Horst Berl,Rainer Maier,Hartmut C. Wegener, Bernd Fischer,Werner Flegel und Edgar van Ommen, Dieter Glassbrenner, Karl & Elke Nueser, Silvia Rose, Heinz Roelz
Bernhard John

John Solly

Herbert Sossna, Rene Teuscher

Sergio & Ingrid De Pellegrin,
Claudio Miorelli, Eugenio Brigidi,
Paolo Gelain, Alfio & Carla Casadei.
Angelo Banalotti,

Heinz Simonitsch

Mike Mitchell, Helen Gallagher

Kenya: Chris Modigell

Latvia: Bernhard Loew

Rudi Hasenauer, ,

New Zealand:
Karl Schitko, Hans Persterer, Tim Ellison, Josef Kobele

Mark Oxenham, David Kneisler, Alan Gamble, Kaz Ryzner, Iain Morrison, Andrew Starling, John Dines, Brenda Hilliam,David Bellingham, Gay Williams-Murphy, Kay Roger-Atkins, Remo & Tina Borciani, Michael Kiesser, Anni Gale, Heinz Schramm, Robin Fail, Udo Plenge, Mary Camden, Marie Johnston, Cyril Johnston, Janette Smith, ,Bob Gordon, Carole Valentine,
Luciano & Penny Parussini, Friedhelm & Lynda Sievering,
Benon D Leszkowski, Rosemary Summerfield, Stella Hold, Bill Nixon, Steve & Kimberley Kimbell, Chris Capron, Peter Capron, Philip Bird, Wayne Sharpe, Sergio Francolini, Ray Heaton, Ben Leszkowski, Peter & Valerie Pfeiffer.

Michael Spamer, Chantal & Maria von Alvensleben, Roland Mesnier, Uli Sigrist,Karl Friedrich, Paul Zuest, Heinz Schuetz, Patrick O'Riordan, Sergio and Ursula Favalli, Peter Kreuzinger, Susan Staiger nee Sue Ryder, Noel Coad, Dirk Oldenburg, Peter Krehan, , Guiseppe Cammaroto,Ernest Rizzi,Grace Hearsum(Heuser), Wolfgang Heuser,Joe Klein,Peter Schmidt, Eugen Fuhrman,Kurt Thein, Rose Paul ,Lana and Neville Marks,David M Boyd,Gerard Guedon,Roger Pedro, Norbert Dalhof,Michael Rigg,Yogesh Dave,Kenneth Spowart,Herman von Treskow,Michel 'Chabert' Galand, Gildo Fusinaz, Julio Lerma Salvador, Gerhard and Elaine Schmidt, Heinz Keller, Guenther Bauer, Susan Anderson, Anita Salvati and Jane Cross, Pat & Arno Gahl, Enzo Menghini, Carlo Molinari. Noel Coad, Enzo Valent, Herve Humler, Christine Monzillo (Antulov), Kathie O'Brien(Losereit),Gabriele Sattler, Stephen (Steve) Jack.

Spain: Luis Marco, Alan Rosier &
Doreen Rosier ( nee Phillips )
Julio and Maria Salvador Lerma

Sweden: Tony Green

Jenny von Alvensleben, Toni Kuonen, Baschi Haegler,Claire Bigler, Walter Moesle, Rolf Huber, Freddy Strub, Wolfgang Kriesche, Gillian & Juerg Aenishaenslin,
Hans Swierstra, Axel Linz,

Andre Dalmas

Vuti Jitratkosol, Werner Vogt

I also try to have a private register of email addresses and telephone numbers, which would be available on request...

We were very sorry to list the following deaths of our former friends and colleagues:

Josef Wiedemann,
Marshall Stoneham,Ross Phipps, Jean-Claude Bohnenblust, Walter Sommer (aged 60 -1995), Uschi Kiesser, Chris Szembeck, Ciro Milo, Arnold Chubb, Cy Elkins, Sigi Brauer, Angela Brauer, Bill Bawn, Klaus Inkamp, John Craigie, Bill Crick, Mrs. Szembek, Walter Valent, Glen Shorto, Jimmy Chamberlain, Luciano Aicardi, Margie Cicchelli nee Florino, Aston Rawlins, Rolf Reinhard, Christian Bigler, Fritz Reiter, George Bertoli, Gunter Sankowski, Eugene Smith,Westmore Stoneham, Lawrence Dill, Leroy Bean,Alwyn Paynter,Karl Madl,Franky Brewster, Eugene Curtis,Sidney Sherwood,Anne Herold,Franco Montarsolo,Chuck Roche, Georges Carlioz,George Hoerrmann,Pat Barnett,Eric Pilkington,Horst Sattler,Bernard Marchais and Geoffrey Lomax,Dennis Chin,Gianna Landwehr,Ed Wayland,Lilian Dowling, Robina Simpson, Eugene Besenbruch, Allan Ganley (2008), David McCurtain (31-1-2011), Stephen Kerr (Jan.2011), Abbadi el Mustafa,

Daniel Keith Ludwig (June 24, 1897 – August 27, 1992)
Verna Squire (4 June 2011)Capt. David DeSilva (14April 2012) Hans Fischinger (25.12.01), Eddie Gurret (8 Sept.2012) and Rose Kerr nee Hunter (Sept.2012),Leon Stines (Oct. 2012), Tom Gallagher (11Jan.2013),Tony Pandin (5 April 2013 ) and Bill Abley (20 April 2013). Judy Coad (May 2013), Horst Herold (27 July 2013) and Bodo G von Alvensleben (3-August 2013), Mickey Caines (30 October 2013), Jack Richards (6 January 2014).Elaine Tucker (23 November 2014), Vic Ash (2014), Guiseppe Porri,
Tino Arnaiz (2014). Pierre Rouja(19-05-2015), Fritz Kreis (3-7-2015), Rita Kemp, Joan Reiter, Bryan Butterfield,
Rudi Paul (10-11-2015), Carol Menghini (Moverly) (13-11-15),
Werner Schitko (14-11-2016), Larbi Chentouf (6-1-2017),
Guy Lecomte (10-7-2017), Tim Ellison (25-7-2017) Alan Peacock, (27-11-2017), Bernd Auer (26-12-2017), Neil Wigglesworth, Carole Eastburn (9-11-2018).

Regards Peter

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to Peter Pfeiffer

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